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New Track By DJG Called #ItsAGodTing

Check out the New track from DJG This is the first of many more would love your feed back good and bad. DJG and Producer?

Off Tha Cuff

Off Tha Cuff – DJ G’s latest Mixes


Every month he produces ‘Off Tha Cuff’ and is here for you to listen. Enjoy!

[soundcloud id=’166842865′] [soundcloud id=’129831290′] [soundcloud id=’136039792′] [soundcloud id=’140179451′] [soundcloud id=’146898182′] [soundcloud id=’156255348′] [soundcloud id=’157186611′] [soundcloud id=’163566608′]

DJ G on You Tube

Welcome to DJ G’s You Tube Channel

DJ G on YouTube

DJ G has been on YouTube  for over 3 years and has recorded lots of videos. Here is a selection of some of his videos. You can check more of them out here



 DJ G’s Promotional Video filmed and recorded in November 2013


DJ G at  BPM Europe’s largest DJ Festival. This was filmed back in November 2013

For more information on BPM check out


DJ G was filmed playing at the Monaco International Clubbing Show in 2012. With over 10,000 people participating and 28 nationalities represented, it was quite a party. He was also there at it’s inception in 2010 and 2011. Watch out for DJ G in Monaco in 2015!


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