Who Is DJ G?

The Home of Inspirational Soulful House Music

​DJ G has spent a whole heap of time as a freelance Broadcaster, DJ, and Teacher. the projects he’s been involved with over the years

Gary Smith, AKA DJ G believes strongly that music can and should be used for good.

“It is a force that can’t be underestimated. It changes lives for the better and brings joy and peace in our busy and hectic daily struggles”

DJ G has spent more than 25 years being involved in a professional capacity with the music industry, whether through Radio, Dj-ing, Charity work or other promotional community projects.

Below are a few of the projects he’s been involved with over the years

He worked on BBC Radio Oxford for 4 years with the Urban Gospel Experience and regularly presented a gospel music segment called ‘The Gospel Experience’ and the ‘Sunday Morning Breakfast show on 1170 in High Wycombe.

“I have two really big areas in my heart that I use music for. One is fundraising for charities and the other is teaching. Music is such an emotive tool and has the power to do so much good. It can unite communities and bring a sense of direction to peoples lives.”

DJ G has an international element to his distinctive career

He has played at various venues throughout the UK, USA, Malta, Holland, Slovakia and Ibiza for Dinner parties, Children’s parties, Church Events and fundraisers for charity. This is not a definitive list but gives you a rough idea of some of the venues.​

  • Kanya – Ibiza
  • Mecc Centre – Holland
  • Mission Possible on the Beach – Malta
  • Mission Possible on the Beach – Brighton
  • Koo Club – Brighton
  • Tara Fest – Northern Ireland
  • Camp Fest – Slovakia
  • Volnost – Slovakia
  • Skate park –Seattle
  • New Mercies – New Jersey
  • Ha Ha Bar –Oxford
  • Baby Simple Bar – Oxford
  • Lava & ignite – Oxford
  • Po na na – Oxford
  • The Bridge- Oxford
  • Camera – Oxford
  • MICS – Monaco
  • Stars and Bars Monaco
  • Sun Sea bar – Ibiza

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